Abundance Awaits

Is you spiritual a little lack luster?  Do you feel like you are on your own and distance from a vital, life-inspiring relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ?  Open these pages listing our unique capabilities and abilities that the believer has because of our relationship with God, which is obtained through the shed blood of Jesus and His resurrection.  Our God accomplished the work of Salvation, now we can respond to His unconditional love and live a life of potential, purpose, satisfaction and exhilaration!   There are over 170 things which are listed in the New Testament  that a believer can do through the energy of the Holy Spirit.  Examples are:  We can genuinely love our brothers and sisters; We are able to truly rejoice in hope; We can be changed to be more like Jesus; We know we cannot be separated from God’s love.  The Holy Bible is our source.  Explanation and discussion of each item carries the reader through to understanding the marvels of the full life available to every child of God and the realization of God’s intimate, unconditional love for each of His own.