Our Amazing God!

Are you a new believer in Jesus Christ or a long-time believer who needs encouragement and refreshment?  Perhaps you’ve felt alone in your spiritual journey, without the benefit of adequate mentoring?  Are you ready to grow in joy and fruitfulness in your relationship with God, in your daily walk and in relationship with others?  The starting point is Our Amazing God!  Knowledge of who God is empowers us to live life filled with beauty and hope, because knowing Him changes us.  Candace O. Smith immerses you in an in-depth study of eleven characteristics of God that answer our deep longs and needs, as revealed in the Bible.  His is perfectly:

* Righteous  * Just  * Holy  * Loving  *Sovereign  *Eternal  * Omniscient (all knowing)  * Omnipotent (all powerful)  * Omnipresent (everywhere at once)  * Veracious (truthful)  * Immutable (unchanging).

Be comforted, cleansed and humbled as you bask in His greatness and goodness.  As you follow along with Candy on the heart-expanding study of God’s character, He will open to you new meaning to enrich and refresh you.  His is worthy of our trust.  TRUST GOD TO DO IN YOU EVERYTHING HE EVER PROMISED.  Let’s explore the fathomless horizon of His greatness together.